Cubigel Compressors is a world leading company in manufacturing, sales and distribution of compressors and condensing units suitable for all commercial refrigeration market requirements worldwide.

Cubigel Compressors takes care of the environment and contributes to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere offering a complete Green Cooling Range of the best compressors to be more energy efficient with the environment.

Cubigel Compressors supplies the most complete range of compressors for every commercial application, focusing on a high quality product strategy with the development of a strong R&D, an enhanced know-how and expertise along with efficient production platforms to provide a broad range of solutions to the refrigeration industry.




LBP:Low Back Pressure Compressors are used in domestic refrigeration, such as



Wine Coolers

HBP: High Back Pressure Compressors are commonly used in Commercial Refrigeration applications, as follows

Horizontal Freezers

Merchandiser Equipments for Supermarkets & Bakeries

Equipment for Professional Kitchens


Water Coolers

Wine Coolers

Ice Makers

Vending Machines


Cold Rooms

* R134a compressors are compatible with R12