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A most convenient 750 gr. canned R134a is available for easy handling, used for automotive, commercial and residential Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.

COOL 134a is our general purpose refrigerant for use in charging R-134a systems that are completely operational but require either a new full refrigerant charge, or need a little "topping- off".

COOL 134a is packed in 12 cans/box


Retrofitting with 134a:

Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration applications where HFC-134a is a suitable retrofit refrigerant include supermarket cases, walk-in coolers, beverage machines, and water coolers. The use of HFC-134a should be limited to applications where the evaporator temperature is above -10°F (-23°C).

Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems
HFC-134a is a retrofit refrigerant replacing CFC-12 in automobile air-conditioning systems. Many automobile manufacturers are introducing retrofit kits that can utilize HFC-134a, enabling system conversions.

Commercial Air-Conditioning Systems
HFC-134a is a viable retrofit fluid for centrifugal chillers running CFC-12. We recommend consulting the original equipment manufacturer before performing any retrofit.

Home Appliances
HFC-134a can replace CFC-12 in home refrigerators. Consult the original equipment manufacturer before performing any retrofit.

Retrofit Lubricants
HFC-134a is not a "drop in" replacement for CFC-12. Mineral oils and alkylbenzene lubricants are immiscible with HFC-134a and must therefore be replaced with either PAG or polyol ester lubricants. Consult the original equipment manufacturer for the recommended lubricants.

Retrofit Procedures: http://www51.honeywell.com/sm/genetron/tech-docs.html
Retrofit procedures have been developed to help technicians perform successful retrofits of CFC-12 systems utilizing positive displacement (reciprocating, rotary, scroll or screw) compressors with HFC-134a. However, these procedures should not be used as a substitute for the equipment manufacturer's specific recommendations.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

Additional Safety Data Sheets: http://www51.honeywell.com/sm/genetron/